Cousine Island
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Sunseeker Cruises offers tailor-made island-hopping itineraries to suit individual preferences. Most charters are around the inner granitic islands of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and its neighbouring islands such as Silhouette, Curieuse, St. Pierre, Cocos Island, Aride, Cousine. They can be hectic in which case we try to whisk you to as many islands as possible (e.g. Praslin - La Digue - Cocos Island) or more relaxed and leisurely. The crew will guide and advise you so as to make your cruise as enjoyable and seamless as possible. Click here for sample itineraries.

A special offer gives you the rare opportunity of having virtually a whole island PLUS a Sunseeker to yourself for any number of days on full board. Click here to read more

Sunset cruises also lasting around 2 hours, depart from your hotel. Sip cocktails along a iridescent horizon of spectacular beauty.

The biggest luxury of any Sunseeker Charter is privacy. Not only can you escape the crowds but you are assured of the crew’s discretion at all times.


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